- We offer free delivery on all items within the UK. Items to Northern Ireland or overseas will alter accordingly. Delivery charges all depend on the size of the item. So if you aren't sure, please drop us a message or email and we will provide an updated quote. 

- Large bulky items, or large quantity orders are shipped via Pallex (Pallet company) we shall supply you with a tracking number to trace the drivers location upon completion. 

- Small items are shipped via TNT. We shall also supply you with tracking details upon completion. 

If you have ordered any item and are wanting to know the location or delivery date for your item, please do get in touch with us and we would be happy assist you. 


If you sadly experience a damaged item in transit, then please get in touch. Send us an image of the damage and we shall then discuss further to resolve the damaged goods. If the item is bashed/dented badly then we can replace that part of the item. Or if that item cant be replaced we will be happy to discuss alternative options. I.e, send back and send the item back. Or send you something to resolve the situation at home with a part-refund. 

If your item is completely damaged, then we can offer an exchange service at a fast rate to saves you waiting. Or in worst cases we can offer you a refund. 

We do take out insurance for delivery, so we can put a claim into the courier of any damages accused, sadly. 


We have our own delivery vehicle on the road. If you are local, we can deliver your item to your doorstep and carry into your home, which is a free service. 

If your item is larger than most, we may have to add a surcharge for this, due to extra delivery costs.


If you live local to us, and are wanting to collect your item/s then you are more than welcome to do so, along as you have confirmation your item is completed and ready for collection/dispatch. Please let us know if you would like to utilise this option.


If you are seeking a refund and your item is not yet completed. Please get in touch with us at sales@ajrrustics.com with a subject header of “REFUND” We shall then look into your order and get your payment returned back to your original payment card. If you pay via card, we cannot process a bank transfer. 

If you are seeking a refund on an item to which you have received. You can do this within 10 days of receiving your order. Unfortunately, we are unable to except returns outside of these parameters.


Sadly, as we are a small business and make every item from scratch both woodwork and metal work. We may get delayed. If we do fall behind, we sincerely apologise & will usually be in touch at some point throughout your order to explain the reason and give you a new delivery date. 

We can also be delayed on answering messages and emails do to increased demand. However, we endeavour to respond at the earliest convenience.

If sadly you have faced delays with your order then please send us an email: sales@ajrrustics.com with subject ''DELAYED ORDER'' And we will be in touch.